Assemec was founded in 1990 and has been working alongside customers for over Thirty years. The Assemec company was founded in 1990. specialising in metal creations. Not just a metal-working factory. A consolidated space which originated in Italy, and is increasingly expanding into the international arena, outside Italy and Europe.

Assemec, based in Fontanelle, in the province of Treviso, is a company specialising in the production and installation of a wide range of products. Items and products designed for both private residential customers, but also targeted to specific business needs, increasingly aiming at the world of b2b.

An authentic industry sector. Production of metal and mechanical products for the industry based on customer-specific projects and designs. From a one-off item to large-scale production which can be adapted to any type of working environment. Not just for industry but also metal work for small businesses, shops or shopping centres, and then to reach out to the world of design and street furniture.

A world of products and services

From commercial and industrial to residential-public, through the design of interiors and exteriors: these are the three macro-categories of products that Assemec offers its customers. A well-defined core business to satisfy all kinds of requirements. A creation that is developed through the detailed study of the materials and also careful planning with customers, who are the real protagonists of a product which is one of a kind. The creation of our products is the result of the synergy between our technical office, the architect and the client. With over twenty years of experience and Italian origins: Assemec is all about this. A sign of quality that has allowed us to develop over the years a highly specialised team that is able to process both large-scale orders and individual prototypes.

The company is located in Via Cooperativa del Lavoro 21, in the industrial area of Fontanelle, in the province of Treviso.