Metal is Alive
Metal is a source of life and inspiration for Team Assemec, but is also a "living" source that adapts and transforms itself according to the surrounding context
Assemec - Metal Creations
Staircases for interiors and exteriors, windows and façades, gates and railings, furnishing accessories, roofs and canopies, design...
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We supply different types of products tailored to customer requirements. We offer consultancy during the project phase and assistance during implementation.
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Assemec offers its customers a wide range of tailor-made products, ranging from the residential/public buildings to commercial/industrial ones, with a 360-degree view into the world of design.....naturally.

"Metal has a soul. All beautiful things have a soul"


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Assemec festeggia 30 anni!

Assemec festeggia 30 anni di attività. Da sempre è al fianco del cliente con serietà e professionalità!

Valencia, Fuente de Oro 2007

Este mes de Marzo 2007 hemos confrontado el aspecto de la empresa Juliàn Lopez. S.A. en la calle Gibraltar (Il […]

Assemec, Always greener company

Assemec, impresa specializzata in creazioni in metallo, è da sempre vicina al territorio. Ma essere legati al territorio vuol dire anche essere amico […]